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In North America the term truck camper and its derived acronym, TC, are generally used to refer to any recreational vehicle or RV that may be carried in the bed of a pickup truck. In North America, this RV type is sometimes known as a slide-in or cab-over.

In English-speaking Europe the term demountable or dismountable is more frequently used, and in Australia, the term slide-on is used to describe RVs of this type.

Truck campers are the most versatile form of recreational vehicle. They are capable of going virtually anywhere a pickup truck can go. The truck camper has been around since the early 1950s, and has gone through an evolution in development that places it on par with many larger RV types.

North America's largest truck camper manufacturer is Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation of Lancaster, California, followed by Arctic Fox of La Grande, Oregon. Truck campers continue to be most popular in the Western United States and Canada, and this is where most manufacturers are headquartered They are slowly making inroads into the eastern part of the continent as the baby boomer generation retire, and are looking for comfort combined with freedom and versatility. The truck camper is also becoming a very popular RV type in Australia, where rugged terrain makes them a practical choice.

Truck campers are a popular choice for horseback riders, fishermen, hunters, and other sportsmen as a boat or horse trailer may be easily towed behind and you may camp off-road in relative comfort.

A good quality truck camper can cost as much as a much larger RV. All the amenities have to be put into a much smaller package, and the RV has to be able to tolerate the abuse of rough roads.

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