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Welcome to the Truck Camper Wiki, the one-stop resource for information pertaining to one of the oldest RV's in the United States.

Obviously, you've come here to find out about the versatile Truck Camper, and what you can do with one, plus a comprehensive database of campgrounds, boondocking, and overnight-stops you can take advantage of when you travel.


Picking a Truck for your Camper

What brand of Truck is Best?

There's alot of brands of Truck out there, which one is the best for hauling a camper?

What type of Truck should I get?

1/2-Ton, 3/4-Ton, 1-Ton, what does it all mean when compared to the Truck Camper I want?

What type of Engine should my Truck have?

Alright, I've picked the size of truck I want, now what engine? Diesel or Gas? What's the difference?

Picking a Truck Camper

Common Features

What Features does your average Truck Camper have? How does it compare to say, a motorhome, when comparing ammenities?

What Camper for my truck?

You've already got the truck, now what kind of camper can I put on it?

What brands of Truck Camper are there?

Now you've got an idea of how to fit a camper to your truck, its time to pick a camper for the truck. Compiled is a list of Truck Camper Manufacturers out there currently to aid in your selection.

Where to Camp

Campground Directory

What Campgrounds are Friendly to Truck Campers? What Campgrounds to Avoid? This Directory covers what places are recommended by your fellow Truck Camper users to avoid those rude or unfriendly Campgrounds and by accident giving them your money.

Boondocking Directory

Want to get back in the woods, away from it all? The Boondocking Directory compiles a list of boondocking spots or areas that your fellow Truck Camper owners think are some of the best!

Overnight Stops Directory

Looking for somewhere to overnight and get some rest, not certain if a Wal-Mart in a specific town allows overnighting? This directory is for all those handy spots to stop for a nights sleep along your way.

Useful Truck Camper/RV related Sites

  • RV Links (A guide to campers, rv parks and resources)
  • RVDA (National Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association homepage)
  • RV Resources (a RV resources directory)
  • RV Basics ( an RV resources directory)
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