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What brand of Truck is Best?

There is no "one brand" that is the best for carrying a truck camper. Each brand of Truck has a variety of features and amenities that one owner may prefer over another. To add confusion to this, no two Truck manufacturers have the same Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings for their comparable lines of truck. Overall, its thought best that the owner pick the truck that has both the weight carrying capacity and amenities that best suits the size of camper they're looking at, and the features they want in the truck itself.

So, in general, larger U.S. pickup trucks are generally the best suited for carrying a truck camper, although many Truck Camper manufacturers produce units for lighter duty European and Japanese models.

What Type of Truck should I get?

Pickups come in many different varieties; Single Rear Wheels, Dual Rear Wheels, short bed, long bed, gas, diesel, 1/2 tons, 3/4 tons & 1 tons and up. There are also other factors in the equation such as tire rating. A large enough truck should be used to handle the payload of the camper. A DRW will provide more stability and payload than an SRW, however a DRW is more likely to get stuck in snow or sand, and is not as easy to drive around when the camper is off. A one ton truck will carry more than a 3/4 ton truck, which in turn will carry more than a 1/2 ton truck. There is a significant frame difference between a 1/2 ton truck and a 3/4 truck. The frames on a 3/4 ton and 1 ton truck are essentially identical, Only the suspension and axles tend to vary, as the 1 ton has dual rear wheels available.

The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of a truck is the figure used to determine what size camper may be carried. The GVWR, minus the weight of the truck with passengers and fuel is the payload that the truck may legally carry.

A long bed truck is better suited for most campers. It is very important that the center of gravity of a truck camper be located forward of the rear axle. This is far easier to accomplish with a long bed truck. Some manufacturers do produce campers specifically for short bed trucks or at least interchangeable with long beds.

What type of Engine should my Truck have?

A diesel engine will provide more torque and hill climbing capability and provide better fuel economy, but the initial investment is higher along with the dry weight.

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